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Locks and keys have been around for centuries now, and we still rely on this duo for all our security protection. There is not a single household which is not using locks and keys as a measure of protecting their house from thieves and burglars. However, with increased advancements in technology, new locking systems are designed and made available to the customers. So, in a world full of potential threats, you must always have your security system updated. If you need the best locksmith near Tampa FL, then Tampa Lock And Locksmith has to be your choice. We are not only the best locksmith in South Tampa, FL but are also considered a great option while you look for a cheap locksmith in Tampa.Also, you don't have to trouble Google for "best car locksmith near me in Tampa". Simply call 813-261-6585 and talk to our experts to know more about our services. Our services have made us the best locksmith in South Tampa and a trusted brand altogether. From being the best locksmith in Tampa 33647, to providing the services even at a stranded gas station and an unfamiliar neighborhood, we deliver a range of services.

Due to our commendable and unquestionable services, our customers often like to call us as the best locksmith in South Tampa FL. Call us today to find out why!

Why Us?

We at Tampa Lock And Locksmith are committed to providing locksmith services that suffices every need of our customers. From households, to offices, and even car owners, we provide locksmith assistance to everyone. We have a team of well trained and professional locksmiths who have undergone a structured training program led by us. This has provided them with the technical skills they would need to solve all locks and keys related issues.

Trust Tampa Lock And Locksmith to provide you the best locksmiths in South Tampa. From residential to commercial, we cover everything. Also, our rates are reasonable compared to our other competitors, thus making us a cheap locksmith in Tampa. All these services are at your disposal. Just pick the phone and dial 813-261-6585 to talk to our experts.

An Extensive Range of Locksmith Services

There are reasons why people prefer Tampa Lock And Locksmith when it comes to choosing the best locksmith near Tampa FL. With our full range of services and round the clock support, we have built a trust and rapport among the customers which has eventually converted us into a brand everybody loves.

Qualified Local Locksmiths

Our locksmiths are trained and well versed with all the how-tos of locking mechanisms. They have undergone a full-fledged training which has not only given them all the technical skills they need, but have also honed their soft skills. Tampa Lock And Locksmith is proud to have a team of highly professional locksmiths who are capable of handling any locking emergency with ease.

Our Services

We are the leading locksmiths in South Tampa FL. It is because of customer trust and our quality of services that we have been successful in bagging the top spot in South Tampa. Some of our most used services are:

  • Automotive locksmith services:

If you’re looking for a ‘car locksmith near me in Tampa’ them your search ends here! Our automotive locksmith services are curated to eliminate any locking issue you face with your vehicle. Our exclusive range of automotive services will suffice every need of yours. We can handle everything from generating car keys on spot, to opening the jammed trunk and door or your car. Our expert technicians are trained to handle any automotive locksmith problem which can bother the customer. In situations where you leave your car keys inside the car, or the door or trunk is jammed, or you have lost your car keys, Tampa Lock And Locksmith can send in trained professionals to tackle these cases. We guarantee a response under 30 minutes and are sure to pull you out of any locksmith related query.

                Our automotive locksmith services also include:

  • Car locks replacement and repair.
  • Assistance during car lockout
  • Jammed trunk and door unlocking
  • Reprogramming of car transponder key.
  • Repairing broken car keys.
  • Retrieving broken car key from ignition.
  • Residential locksmith service:

Tampa Lock And Locksmith is committed to providing optimum security to your home. If you think your house needs a security check and the systems are in a dire need of an upgrade, then you must immediately call us to get the best possible assistance any time. All our technicians are trained to handle residential locking issues with ease. If you have forgot the home keys inside, or want to rekey all your old locks, or are interested in installing a high-grade security system, whatever be the case, Tampa Lock And Locksmith will provide you the best locksmiths near Tampa FL. Our team is up and running 24/7 and can resolve your queries in no time. Our technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and equipment to help our customers with any locking system. They are also trained to handle old and new locking systems so that they can serve a large pool of customers without having to worry about the type of lock.

Our services include:

  • Assistance during home lockout.
  • Replacement/repair of door lock.
  • Installing new high-grade security systems.
  • Rekeying and repairing of locks.
  • On site key cutting.
  • On spot key generation.
  • Window door lock repair and replacement
  • Garage locks repairing.
  • Advice on security systems.
  • Commercial locksmith service:

Commercial locks are completely different from what is installed at our homes. They are more complex and sophisticated than regular locks, and hold a very special purpose of protecting the whole of the business. If you are a firm dealing with sensitive customer data, you should definitely put more focus on upgrading the security of your business such that there is no chance of any intrusion. Tampa Lock And Locksmith is in the game for almost a decade now, and is trusted by many business firms as the must-go brand of all time. We are committed to providing quality commercial locksmith services which includes new lock installation, file cabinet locks repair or replacement, keyless access system installation, etc. Tampa Lock And Locksmith also understands how important the productive hours are, and so, we operate at night thus saving your productive day.

Our commercial locksmiths in Tampa 33647 provide the following services:

  • Assistance during office lockout
  • File cabinet lock replacement and repairing
  • Door locks repairing
  • Configuration and installation of master key system.
  • On site key making and repairing
  • Installation of electronic security systems.
  • Installation of office alarm.
  •  Emergency locksmith service:

During a lockout emergency, all that is required is for someone is to provide an assistance quickly. Adding more wait time to an emergency lockout shoots the frustration off the roof. You can trust Tampa Lock And Locksmith for any emergency locksmith service that you may need. Our team of professional locksmiths is committed to serving the customers as quickly as possible. We have mobile vans located at specific locations which helps us to reach our customers under 30 minutes. Also, while other firms drill a hole in your pocket in the name of quick assistance, we don't charge anything extra for our emergency or late night services. What you pay for our regular services is same for what you will pay for our emergency assistance. This makes us the first cheap locksmith in Tampa.

Some of our emergency locksmith services include:

  • Lockout assistance.
  • Guaranteed 24/7 response.
  • All year services.
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Mobile vans equipped with state-of-the-art tools to help customers quickly
  • Unlocking all types of locks.
  • Late night locksmith assistance.
  • On spot key making.
  • Emergency repair/replacement of locks.

We serve in an industry where it is quality or nothing. Tampa Lock And Locksmith has never compromised with the quality of the services and have always kept our rates as affordable as possible. Call us today on 813-261-6585 and hire our expert locksmiths in South Tampa FL.

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